About - צירופים חדשים


ZERUFIM is an online journal from Yeshivat Siach Yitzhak that publishes articles dealing with the challenging fault lines of contemporary Jewish life. It is our hope that these articles and the discussions they generate will inspire new thinking and deepen the religious language that shapes our world.

The religious language of Yeshivat Siach Yitzhak, which evolved under the inspiration of Rav Shagar’s Torah, is characterized by a search for the deep aspect of every subject discussed. It is rooted in Jewish sources and in a Jewish way of life, it incorporates a critical point of view without fear and is drawn to that which is new, surprising and challenging. The articles published on ZERUFIM are meant to develop and deepen this religious language, open new spaces for it, and empower its presence and influence in the public discourse.

For article submissions or responses of any kind, write to us through the contact page.